Derek Jensen

I'm a 25 year old living in Des Moines, IA. I change lives for a technology company as well as a clothing company called Resimplify all while attending Iowa State University for a bachelor's degree in communications and advertising.

I get through the day by my friends (including my amazing sis), my family, Gary Vaynerchuk, Steve Jobs, Jimmy Fallon and Michael Jackson. But sometimes I need to visit and grab something from Caribou or Starbucks.

Outside of work I'm blogging, reading and replying on Twitter, sharing and liking on Facebook, posting and liking on Instagram all while listening to my Rdio or watching something on Netflix. Also exploring surrounding areas by foot, bike or my Mazda.

Oh and I am OCD with really random things such as my iPhone homescreen and ADD as my brain is constantly thinking or imagining.

Past: Opinion Technology Columnist at Iowa State Daily, Urban Planning Intern for City of Altoona, Vice President at Beta Theta Pi, and Lead Dairy and Produce Worker at Fareway.